A Single Drink Ultimately Led To Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s deadly path down the road of addiction was triggered by just a drink.

Hoffman had been sober for 23 years prior to shooting the movie “The Master” although during a wrap party in 2012, the actor fell into temptation, celebrate with one drink. And soon that one drink became plenty. Hoffman told his close people that the drinks opened the floodgates. Addictions experts say, “one drink can destroy an addict’s life” and that seems to be the case here. Sources tell say Hoffman didn’t begin experimenting with heroin until 2013, after he had already fully stopped. But he had long been curious about the drug. It began snorting and in May 2013, he quickly checked into rehab because he was scared it would escalate to IV use, and unfortunately, it did. RIP.

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