(Video) Fabolous: Macklemore Makes Great Music; Is Not Overrated

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis swept the rap categories at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday (Jan. 26th) and left many puzzled. Even before the awards got started Twitter was in a frenzy, showing its support for Kendrick Lamar over Macklemore with fans writing “Grammys come on tonight if macklemore beat kendrick we gotta riot” and “Not here for the way the Grammys are gonna meat ride Macklemore. Give Kendrick album of the year though”.

Seeing as Fabolous, a rapper, was a guest on ESPN’s First Take yesterday morning he was asked to weigh in on Macklemore and what transpired at the Grammys. According to Fab, he has no problems with Macklemore or the Seattle artist winning at the Grammys. Fabolous believes Macklemore “makes great music” and is “a great artist.” Fab also disagreed with the crowds chant of “overrated.”

Check out what else Fabolous had to say about Macklemore and the Grammys in the video below.

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