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Ladies and Gentelmen, as we come close to a years end of Models of the Month, Week and so on we present to you Miss October Kae’Lyn. Check out here pics and interview below

Birth Sign: Pisces
Height: 5’3
Hometown: Inkster, Michigan
Ethnicity: black, polish
Profession: modeling, I am currently in school to become a physical therapist at College of Southern Nevada

photo 1
Where Are You From: Michigan
What Is Your Ethnic Back Ground: my mother is mixed with multiple races, I have a little bit of everything in me..
What Are You Measurements: hips 35, chest 36 B, and waist 25
How Did You Get Into Modeling: I’ve always been in modeling classes as a kid, all my life people told me I should be a model, I just started taking it very serious these last few years
Who Do You Look Up To Or You Wanna Work With In The Industry: Gisele Bundchen, not only is a she a millionaire fashion model but she is also an actress and business woman, she is everything. her & Tyra banks are defintely 2 people that I look up to!
How Do You Dress On A Normal Day: I dress casual, comfy & sexy combined all in 1 lol
What do you think is your best physical attribute? I’ve been told my lips & eyes, my eye color changes with the seasons
Where you born with that body or did you have to go to the gym and work for it? I honestly don’t work out, Iv’e always been slim & petite all my life.. I just been lucky enough for god to bless me with a flat stomach, no matter what I eat lol
How would you best describe your personality? I’m super shy but I am super goofy, I laugh at almost everything.. I’m a pretty cool laid back chick with a little feisty attitude

photo 3
What are some of your future goals? I’m all about success, to become very successful with my career, be a top fashion model & to own my own beauty line!
Name 3 Turn Ons: 3 turn ons is a guy that smells good, a guy that can dress & most of all, an educated guy.
Name 3 Turn Offs: is a guy with bad breath, a guy who bites his fingernails & a guy with no swag!
On a scale of 1-10: how do you rate your wild side? my wild side is definitely a 10 lol I can get pretty wild & I really live by the motto’s YOLO & TURN UP!
What is something about you that people would be surprised to know? I think people would be super surprised to see how cool & shy I am once they start talking to me! people automatically think I’m this stuck up chick when I’m really a silly, cool person!
What are some of your guilty pleasures? junk food! anything sweet especially chocolate, I absolutely loveeeee junk food!
What Is Your Favorite Song Right Now: my favorite song right now is Meek Mill “levels” any body who knows me knows that’s my all time favorite song lol

photo 4
What Song Best Describes You: I don’t have a song that really best describes me, I’m not your average 🙂
Favorite Food: my favorite food is crab legs & lamp chops! abosutley love it!
Favorite Movie: my favorite movie of all time is Clueless with Alicia Silverstone it’s a classic that I know from beginning to end lol
Anything special you want to say to your fans? I have soooo much more in store, be on the look out for me 😉 I guarantee you won’t regret it!

photo 2

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