Truck Decal Causes Kidnap Panic

Who could’ve thought a truck decal could look so real it would result in concerned citizens calling in to the cops.?

Obviously not Brad Kolb, owner of Hornet Signs in Waco, TX, who created a tailgate detail that was a little too real for comfort.

“I wasn’t expecting the reactions that we got, nor was it really anything that we condone,” Kolb told TV station KWTX in Waco. “It was something we just had to put out there to see who notices it.”

The model for the decal is one of Brad’s employees who agreed to pose for the image.

Other decals include zombies and a military sniper.

“When you’re going to go put a wrap on the side of your vehicle, you want that image to be realistic and to portray the image of your company,” Kolb said in the news report.

Source: Vlad TV

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