Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman Will Be Back for ‘Independence Day 2

With Will Smith admitting that he’s trying to move on from big box office blockbusters, and Roland Emmerich confirming that Big Willie won’t be involved in the sci-fi sequel — what’s to become of his two prime time co-stars?

After admitting to Complex Magazine that the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air is “too expensive” to cast in the Independence Day sequel, Emmerich went on to officially confirm that Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are on-board to join the picture. Revealing the casting at a Q&A about White House Down that took place at a New York City Apple Store, Emmerich was noted as saying, “We’re not doing a total reboot, we’re doing something that’s totally unusual.”

Looking to turn the sci-fi actioner into a more ensemble picture, Pullman played President Thomas J. Whitmore in the original 1996 film, while Jeff played computer expert David Levinson. There’s no clear word as to whether Pullman’s character will still hold the Commander-in-Chief position years down the line.

Independence Day 2 is set for release on July 3, 2015.

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