Why So Bitter???

Okay So I Guess Ray J MAD At My Girl KIM K! I Dont Get his bitterness , I Mean last time I check they just had a fling! People always say that it’s the girls are the ones who find it hard and cant get over the guy but in most cases its the other way around.

Ray J Proves that guys are also bitter when a woman moves on. He Took the time out his busy life to write a song about him “HITTIN it First” He throws shots a Kayne Like they where friends, Everybody say Kim A Hoe but how many guys have you slept with? the only reason we know about her sex life is because she is in the spot light, and she chose to broadcast it. They have a Problem because she is So CALLED Stilled Married! People Do What she is doing all the time but because Ray J mad the world Mad. Wait Ray J Not Even Who She MArried To . Smh , Now Days Guys are so into trying to dog woman out they dont get how dumb they look , you a sour apple because she MOVED ON and is having a baby ? You Upset because she pays you no attention ? So You Write a Song So that You can Feel Better? He is a Joke to Me and it seems like no matter what he does Kim Is Still Keeping it moving like nothing is wrong. Ray J is Killing his image , or Does he still even have one? Kim got this niggas goin crazy , Good Job Girl , Now If I Could Only Get a Nigga to Write a Song about me !!! LOL

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