@Priddy_Nikki Check Out Pictures and Interview

We caught up with the Lovely @Priddy_Nikki to share some photo’s and ask her some kinda personal quick questions so you can get to know her hustle… Check out questions and answers below

Birth Sign: Capricorn
Stats: 36-26-42
Height: 5’6″
Hometown: Detroit
Ethnicity: Black
Profession: Mother, Model, Student

– Where Are You From
Westside, Joy Rd

– What Is Your Ethnic BackGround
My dad mixed with some stuff but i just say black

– What Are You Measurements


– How Did You Get Into Modeling
i started in highschool with a local agency. i always wanted to be a runway model but i didnt get that tall so i was a little discouraged for a while. I recently got back into it with the help of Big Gregs 2013 Buckie Naked Calendar. Shout out to him.

– Who Do You Look Up To Or You Wanna Work With In The Industry
Im in love with Kimora Lee Simmons and the legacy she’s created. Shes my idol

– How Do You Dress On A Normal Day
I’m a sweats and t-shirt kind of girl. i like to be comfortable

– What do you think is your best physical attribute?
I love my long legs


– Where you born with that body or did you have to go to the gym and work for it?
I work out occassionally but my mom has a bangin body lol so its in my genes

– How would you best describe your personality?
open minded, outgoing, out spoken, a little bitchy at times

– What are some of your future goals?
Im just focused on graduating, starting my career and traveling the world

– 3 Turn Ons
intelligence, height, humor

– 3 Turn Offs
ignorance, arrogance, bad hygeine

– On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your wild side?
i dont get that wild that often, but when i do its almost a 9

– What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?
im really good at math and i take the charms out of my Lucky Charms lol those marshmallows are horrible

– What are some of your guilty pleasures?
im a late night snacker. i wake up out of my sleep just to eat.


– What Is Your Favorite Song Right Now
im embarrassed to say All Gold Everything lol . and the whole Kendrick Lamar album

– What Song Best Describes You
Future- Turn On The Lights. i am “her” and im looking for my male equal

– Favorite Food
Anything i can put syrup on..and seafood

– Favorite Movie
Malibu’s Most Wanted, i’m so corny lol. and Poetic Justice

– Anything special you want to say to your fans?
I love and appreciate everybody who support me! even the haters, because envy is only admiration lowkey… and when you talk about me you keep me relevant. Thank You. Keep yo eyes open for me this year, i’m coming for the spot light!

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