(Model) @ForeignKush Check Out Pictures and Interview

Check out the newest edition to the Everybody Hates Pest Model Feature @ForeignKush We got with Mulan Kush to ask her a few questions continue reading to see answers

-BirthSign: Cancer
-Stats: 40d, 28, 40
-Height: 5;7
-Hometown: Detroit
-Ethnicity: Japanese and Black
-Profession: Model

-Where Are You From– Detroit,MI
-What Is Your Ethnic Back Ground –Japanese and Black
-What Are You Measurements — 40D, 28, 40
-How Did You Get Into Modeling– It just kinda happened, But I started locally of course
-Who Do You Look Up To Or You Wanna Work With In The– I look up to @Juicy_BadAss, I work with @GGURLS, ASIS magazine,
-Industy How Do You Dress On A Normal Day– Sweat pants, Hair tied, Chillin; with no makeup on !
-What do you think is your best physical attribute?– My breast and butt
-Where you born with that body or did you have to go to the gym and work for it? – I was born with it !
-How would you best describe your personality? -Life of the party
-What are some of your future goals?– To make it to the cover of a magazine near u
-Name 3 Turn Ons -Height, Intelligence Good hygiene
-Name 3 Turn Offs – FlashyType, Height challenged Bad attitude
-On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your wild side? – 11
-What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?— lol Im sometimes shy!
-What are some of your guilty pleasures? – Browniesssss
-What Is Your Favorite Song Right Now– Meek Mill ft. TreySongs x Lay Up
-What Song Best Describes You — I have a couple i can relate too
-Favorite Food — Tacos
-Favorite Movie — The Fighting Temptations
-Anything special you want to say to your fans? thanxxx i really appreciate the support !!!!!!!!!

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