Warren G Explains Explicit Backstage Photo with Rihanna

Coachella was definitely a wild experience for fans and artists alike. Everyone got the chance to experience Tupac being resurrected onstage by the incredible uses of hologram technology. However, there are things that fans and the general public don’t get to witness first hand. The stuff that goes on backstage, stays backstage…well, that’s how it used to be until Instagram was created.

Last week, a picture was taken of Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G backstage, and that picture has been surfing the net ever since it was exposed. The photo shows Rihanna with an enormous blunt in her mouth, Snoop Dogg standing behind her holding her arms, and Warren G leaning down pointing at the words “Thug Life” that were hand written on Rihanna’s stomach.

The record breaking blunt in her mouth was the big thing that sparked everyone’s attention, and Warren G recently spoke up to SOHH to set the record straight about that backstage incident.

“I mean, we was just having fun. We were just hanging out after the show, you know, just chilling out. That’s it. It wasn’t nothing more than that. We were just having fun and happened to snap a cold picture. I don’t know who blasted it but I seen it and then I blasted it online. I’m down with RiRi. I am down with RiRi.”

Source: sohh.com

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