(Photos) Joe Budden Pictured With Model Yaris Sanchez at Multiple Places…So WAS That “Just Yaris”???

n Joe Budden’s recent tale of heartbreak, Ordinary Love Sh*t 3, he details the demise of his relationship with model Esther Baxter, and namechecks another model in the song, Yaris Sanchez. In the track, he says, “interrogating me, but that was just Yaris…” implying that even though Esther was suspicious of their relationship, it was apparently nothing more than a friendship. But over the past few weeks, Joe has been pictured with Yaris in various places…from his show in NYC Friday night to a pool party at his house. Check out the exclusive pics (as well as some Joe himself tweeted) after the jump and tell us…do you think that’s “just” Yaris or is there something more to their situation??

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