(Audio) Lil Kim Remakes “Did It On Em”, Slams Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim is set to release her mixtape taking aim at Nicki Minaj soon.

As previously reported, the Queen Bee shot a video for her single “Black Friday/Clap Clap” in the streets of Brooklyn with a Minaj lookalike donning pink and black hair.

(Continue reading and check out the video/audio track after the jump)

Now with her mixtape release on the horizon, Kimmy’s on the attack again and tried her hand at Nicki’s “Did It On Em.”

On the Bangladesh produced track, Nicki raps that “all these b*tches is my sons” and includes a line about “pissing on” her competition.

On Lil Kim’s remake of the Pink Friday track she raps,

“All these b*tches is my pets / I keep a tight leash around their necks / Bitches try to bite, take their a** to the vet / Put ’em right to sleep like they poppin’ Xanex / Yeah, I be sh*tting on ’em, spittin’ on ’em /”

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