Pro-Lifers Pissed At MTV Over ’16 And Pregnant’ Abortion Show

MTV has always been a controversy whore, especially their reality shows, so it’s no surprise that anti-abortion groups are up in arms over the new episode of ’16 and Pregnant’.

MTV did not make the show available to the media before it airs and has forbidden Markai to give interviews about the subject.

Still, in social media postings, the 19-year-old Florida girl has been preparing fans for the intense drama.

“I get sad from time to time thinking about it but then everything happens for a reason,” she wrote. “God gave me 3 paths to take abortion, adoption, or raising this baby along with another.

“I chose this path and I think about how stressing things would have been if I haven’t made the one I’ve made.”

As expected, Markai has received intense criticism over her decision and not everyone thinks that MTV’s portrayal of girls being honest about their lives is a good thing.

In recent months, MTV has promised to tackle “all sides” of the hot-button teen pregnancy issue.

But pro-life blogger Jill Stanek says she expects a one-sided portrayal.

“This apparently means the pro-life perspective will simply get tackled,” she writes, noting that the official Web site only links to pro-choice groups, including the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Stanek also points out that the show was done in cooperation with Exhale, a support group for teens who have had abortions.

“Anytime anyone can help tell stories about women who have had abortions, we see that as a good thing,” says Erica Johnson, an Exhale counselor.

Man, the folks at MTV really know how to keep the spotlight on themselves. What do you think, are they “out of pocket” for showing young girls talking about abortion?? Is MTV guilty of “promoting” abortion with these types of shows??


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