Are You Team Twitter Or Team Facebook

Has it ever dawned on you how much Facebook and Twitter dominate your every move? This could explain why you’ve never gone a day (okay, hour) or two without resisting the madness that comes with being a social media junkie.

Are you an “RT” person or a “like” person? Do you prefer hashtags or inbox games? Time to make a choice!

Head over to for a few pros and cons to being Team Twitter or Team Facebook!

1. Celebrity Stalking

Advantage: Twitter

With Twitter, you can share in the celebrity rumor mill of the day or see a “Twitter beef” in real time. Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Kanye West and Chris Brown are just some of the celebs who update their statuses religiously to sound off about future parties, appearances, the latest gossip or just what they’re eating.

2. Playing hooky online and not getting caught

Advantage: Facebook

You can adjust your privacy settings on Facebook so that only select people see your information, which means that only select people can see if you’re even online. Twitter has a function to make a page private, but people can still “RT” (re-tweet) your responses and tell on you that way. When you’re at home playing sick or when you are late turning something in, you don’t want your boss to catch you gossiping online and generally acting the fool when you should be working. Don’t play hooky and get on Twitter! You can and will get caught. #Fail

3. Online addiction

Advantage: Neither

Facebook has way more active users than Twitter, but they both have obsessed users. Some folks literally sit around all day long on Facebook nosing through all their friends’ information. The much smaller, but dedicated Twitter users can be just as obsessive. You probably know a Twitter user who does nothing but have one way “conversations” with celebrities all day.

4. Networking with family and friends

Advantage: Facebook

The advantage to Facebook is that it’s reserved for family and friends or whoever you want in our circle. People can hook up with people they know personally or professionally, or old and new friends. It’s perfect for retaining friendships after a long distance move or rekindling a romance with someone you met prior. Also, you have that handy dandy option to “unfriend” people if you get sick of them. Sometimes an “unfriend” button would be good in real life, no?

5. Procrastination tools

Advantage: Facebook

With Twitter, you can’t do much more than well, tweet. But on Facebook you can do approximately 10, 759,897 things. You can take quizzes, participate in mafia wars or even tend to a virtual farm. When you need to waste some time (come on, we all procrastinate every now and then), Facebook is definitely the way to go.

6. You try to avoid people you know in real life

Advantage: Twitter

Sadly enough, this happens all too often on Facebook where you had to avoid the nuisances. Some people really feel some type of way if you don’t respond to them immediately on Facebook. “Did you get my message?” “Why didn’t you respond to my comment?” The feeling that you’re being stalked makes it less enjoyable. It’s much more likely that the bugaboo in your life is on Facebook and not Twitter.

7. Spying on lovers and spouses

Advantage: Facebook

Clearly, Facebook has the advantage here if you have access to the spouse’s page. You have pictures, conversation threads and comments. Lots of potential evidence on a Facebook page. Facebook has actually been cited in divorce proceedings. This is when the virtual world and the real world collide.

8. Sharing personal information with random “applications”

Advantage: Twitter

Twitter has a very simple model. You tweet, people tweet back to you (or not) and life continues. Facebook allows a ton of third-party applications on the site, many of which “require” certain bits of your private information. Where does that information go and how will it be used in the future? Who knows, but that application about most used words in your 2010 status messages was pretty fun, huh?

9. Career connections

Advantage: Twitter

Certain types of people have taken a real liking to Twitter and one of those groups is writers. If your favorite writer, editor or novelist is under say 45 years old, chances are he or she is on Twitter. It’s a great place to peek into the industry and maybe even build a relationship with them. Some awesome jobs have started with a tweet! People tend to be much more open to communicating with strangers on Twitter because there’s not a ton of personal information on there, so you can talk without worrying about the person being all up in your Las Vegas pictures.

10. Receiving party invitations every five minutes

Advantage: Twitters

Facebook party promoters, you will be the death of Facebook! Stop sending out all those dang invites to everybody on your friends list. Sheesh.

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