Cops Raid Waka Flocka’s Home in Georgia and Arrest Gucci Mane

Not again Gucci C’mon son!!!

The story being reported is that cops were there to bust up a prostitution ring?

– Gucci was cuffed on the scene and released.

– Two other men were arrested and taken into custody.

– Within the house police found marijuana, a Kel-Tech .233 sub gun, a Taurus .40 caliber semi-automatic and prescription drugs that they confiscated.

– The warrant says they were specifically looking for gang communications, paraphernalia, pictures, articles and marijuana.

– Debra Antney told Global Grind: “They are trying to find gang-afilliated stuff that they can’t find. They’re trying to call our company gangs, like we’re all gangs – even me. Officers just called me the Candy Lady, they wouldn’t let me leave, I was the one who was really locked in there who they had. They called me the Candy Lady they said I’m the one that’s running the whole thing or whatever.”

Source – TMZ

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